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Form with Custom Questions

Custom Registration Questions

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  1. Select the registration form and click on  
  2. Enter the following information:
    Question Fieldname Enter the identification name of the question.
    Question Prompt The Quesion as it will appear on the registration form
    Example Response
    Enter an example registrant response
    Question Type Choose the type of question (e.g. textbox, radio buttons, etc.). If required, enter items to be selected by the registrant. Seperate each item with a ‘~’.
    Display Style Choose between Horizontal or Vertical. The standard questions will all appear as a horizontal.
    Question Order Custom Questions can be given an order. For example, for it to appear first, enter the number ‘1’. All standard questions will appear before custom questions.
    Is this question compulsory? Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’
    Display this question on the registration form? Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’
    Question visible on registration form to: Select ‘Everyone’ or ‘Cashiers Only’
    ‘Recall’ responses? If email or phone recall is enabled, you can prevent the answer to the question from appearing if the ‘Recall’ button is pressed.
  3. If the answer to the question triggers any type of price rise/reduction, click on the ‘Pricing Options’ tab.   
    Otherwise, click on  
  4. Three pricing options are available. A custom question can trigger a change in price change in three different ways:
    1. A change in price
    2. A change in price using a value entered by the registrant (e.g. number of tickets multiplies the price by the quantity bought)
    3. A specific response triggers a coupon

  5. Enter the applicable pricing settings and click on  
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