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InGo Widget

To use InGo widget,

  1. Turn on the InGo switch under the preference and enter the InGo Wedget ID
  2. Add variables on step1 and step4 templates.
Variable Variable Definition in eTickets
ingo_widget_login [Step1] Display InGo login widget
ingo_widget [Step1] Display InGo login widget (POPUP)
[Step4] InGo Social Widget (POPUP)
ingo_widget_openbutton [Step4] Button to display Confirmation Widget. (Use with ingo_widget)
ingo_widget_embedded [Step4] InGo Social Widget & Confirmation Widget (embedded no popup)
ingo_widget_social (deprecated) [Step4] InGo Social Widget & Confirmation Widget (embedded, no div)
ingo_widget_css [Step1, Step4] Put this in the <head> tag to give ingo widget default style. (optional)
<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”/css/eReg_InGo_style.css”>
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