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Edit Multiple Events

The Multiple Event Editor allows the user to quickly modify numerous events without the need to go individually into each event to change the information.

  1. Go to Edit > Events …
  2. Hold Ctrl/Shift key for Windows or Command/Shift key for Mac OS to select multiple events. You may use the check box at the bottom of the event list to select all events.
    Click “Edit Selected Event(s)”.
    *Tips* – Holding CTRL/Command allows you to select specific events, while holding Shift lets you select all events between two points.
  3. The system will detect that multiple events have been selected and will load the Multiple Event Editor. This allows you to select the fields you wish to change from the categories on the left. First choose the category that interests you, then select the field that needs editing. Left clicking the field will add it under the “Your Current Selection(s)” yellow table. To select multiple fields, hold down the Ctrl/Shift key for windows, the Command/Shift key for Mac.
    *Notes* You can only select up to a maximum of 8 fields and the “Event’s Matrix Display Name” can only be selected by itself. 
  4. The fields will now appear for all selected events in the order they where selected. Edit the fields individually or if the events share information, use the top empty field and click the “Apply to All” to save time.
    *Note* –  a few items to remember:
    • Dates must match the format used by the system.
    • “Apply to All” only applies to all events on the current page. You will need to save first and then proceed to the next page of events to change the fields again. Be sure to save before heading to the next page, as it will delete all your work to load the next page.
    • Ensure that only one user is editing any event at any time. Multiple users at the same time will cause inconsistencies in event information.

  5. Once you are done, ensure to hit “Save” to confirm all your changes. You may use the blue “Fields Selection” link to select new fields or “Back to Edit Event Main” button to return to the event list and select new events.
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